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It takes a strong emotional hook to capture people’s hearts.

And beat a workhorse package! Despite extensive testing over the years, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) was never able to beat their expensive polar bear note card control — until recently. This new Adopt-an-Acre Monarch Butterfly package empowered potential donors to make a real and lasting difference for butterflies. The higher response rate and larger average gift demonstrate that the package strategy worked.

Letter, Cling and Reply Card

Brochure with Butterfly Migration Map

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Much more than polar bears is at stake.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is committed to saving not just polar bears but the entire planet. The problem is that whenever they tested a lead image other than a cute polar bear, it depressed their results. By connecting polar bears to the Earth’s 50 million other species — and showing how only the human species can prevent extinction of all the others, Sage used the best of both worlds to deliver an 84% lift in response over EDF’s previous poster package acquisition control.

See the Membership Renewal creative that generated an index of 158.

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