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Since 2013, this winning control is still unbeatable.

For the National Audubon Society, Sage created this winning Hummingbird Package, which has been the control for over five years. It features a colorful window outer showing both the beautiful hummingbird and the enclosed coin, which is used to reinforce the bird’s fragility. The package includes a heavy-hitting letter highlighting these stunning birds and the dangers they face. The recipient also receives helpful tips about hummingbirds and a strong premium offer.

Read more about this winning control, which is featured in the article “The Anatomy of a Direct Mail Control: National Audubon Society” at
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This matching gift campaign is for the birds.

When National Audubon Society approached Sage to come up with a fresh approach for their winter matching gift program, it was important to think outside of the box. After an extensive concept exploratory and presentation, Audubon selected these two red cardinals perched on top of a snowman, which gave the campaign a human touch (without showing people). Sage’s “You Count x 2” campaign (named for its coinciding with the Christmas Bird Count — The nation’s longest-running citizen science bird project) is their most successful matching gift campaign ever, and has raised more money each year — for 4 years in a row.

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