Let’s face it – sending direct mail keeps getting more expensive. However, it’s a vital way to acquire and cultivate existing customers. Over the years, Sage has worked with countless clients to reduce costs without lowering response rates.

Here are three suggestions to consider:

  1. Test different package sizes and formats. Sage has had great success with self-mailers and even oversized postcards!
  2. Print on larger paper. If you have a multi-page letter or a buck slip, you may be able to reduce costs by printing components two-up or together and slitting the paper rather than printing components on two separate pages.
  3. Use digital printing for personalization. With the reduced cost of digital printing, we are now able to personalize in many more ways that go beyond just adding a customer’s name – all while keeping packages cost efficient.

Cost Cutting Win!

Sage’s long-term client, American Express® Savings, was able to reduce costs and increase revenue when they tested into a smaller self-mailer, beating our previous existing control.

Smaller size self-mailer = More Revenue!