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This cover wrap raised over $1 million from Science News enthusiasts.

When the publishers of Science News decided to raise their subscription price, they asked Sage to create a cover wrap for their December issue — giving subscribers one LAST CHANCE to renew at the old rate.

They were pleasantly surprised when nearly 20% of their subscribers took them up on their offer to beat the rate increase, amounting to more than one million dollars in renewal revenue.

The cover wrap creative included “22 Smart Reasons to Renew,” reiterating that you get 22 issues per year. It featured an image relating to the Big Bang Theory to encourage recipients to respond ASAP to get a bigger bang for their buck — and lock in renewal savings of up to 59%.

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A new children’s science magazine relied on Sage to get it launched.

When Science News decided to start a new science magazine for children, they asked Sage for a DM acquisition package to test the waters and get it off the ground.

Our creative approach played off the simple fact that kids are curious about the world — and ask questions about everything, every day!

By combining this strategy with a stellar savings offer, we were able to prove to Science News that their concept was indeed marketable, which led to a successful new product launch.

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To boost subscribers, we asked our client to make a rate adjustment.

While voucher-style DM packages have become the format of choice for most magazine publishers, there’s more to it than simply mailing an invoice-like statement of benefits.

Based on Sage’s history of creating nearly 100 successful voucher package designs, we were able to bring many best practices to bear on this successful acquisition package for Science News.

From the rate-adjusted order confirmation form that included bios of their expert writers on the back — to an impactful gate-folded brochure — Sage stretched the limits of voucher package design to produce a new winning DM acquisition control.

What better time to promote more orders than the first issue of a new publication?

As part of launching Science News Explores, Sage was asked to design two cover wraps sent with the inaugural issue — one for the gift recipient’s family and one for the person who gave the gift.

The wrap to gift recipients invited the child receiving their first issue of Science News Explores to open the magazine and begin exploring all the wonder-filled content inside. It also provided an easy-to-use QR code to promote referral orders to other children.

The wrap to donors presented them with a complimentary issue so they could see what the magazine actually looked like, and used a QR code to provide them with an easy way of ordering additional gifts.

With these two handsome cover wraps, Sage had all the bases covered!

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