We gave PayPal a lot of credit!

Sage did a wide range of work for PayPal Credit, a digital line of credit offered by the online payment giant. Successful digital campaigns included emails, digital banners and Facebook ads for acquisition, engagement and holiday promotions.

PayPal emails; mobile view

Facebook carousel ads

PayPal Credit comes to life on Facebook.

To capture prospects’ attention, this Facebook campaign spotlights the types of experiences and purchases made possible by PayPal Credit. The takeaway: It’s more than a payment method. It’s about living life to its fullest!

PayPal Credit Digital gifts email; desktop and mobile view

Partner email: laptop and mobile view

Increasing card usage.

Two big brands equal one great vacation! Sage created emails introducing PayPal Credit’s partnerships with popular brands like Airbnb to help expand card usage into new spend categories.

PayPal Credit Digital gifts email; desktop and mobile view

Mobile app email; laptop and mobile view

Driving mobile app downloads.

This email successfully promoted mobile app downloads to increase engagement and product usage. With a scannable design, Sage made it easier for cardholders to quickly and easily grasp the app’s key benefits.

PayPal emails; mobile view

Mobile app email

PayPal Credit Digital gifts email; desktop and mobile view

Digital Gifts email: laptop and mobile view

Giving customers a new way to think about PayPal Credit.

Christmas. Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day. Sage created holiday emails that positioned PayPal Credit as the place to shop for last-minute gifts.

PayPal emails; mobile view

Subaccounts email

Reinforcing product benefits.

This email gives a strong reason for cardholders to add authorized users to their account and makes it easy for them to do so.