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Why take our word for it? The results speak for themselves.
And our clients say it so much better.

“You guys are our secret weapon and we want to continue to bring you more work!!”


“The Personal Savings loyalty email that Sage created saw a 2,900% lift in traffic to our site after launch.”

Jamie L. Turcios
Digital & Loyalty Marketing
American Express

“The August OE test is currently outperforming the control package’s response rate by ~46%! Thanks again for the great work..”

Michael P

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“I have had the privilege of working with the creative team at Sage Communications for over 10 years. Sage delivers reliable, quality and innovative work that has been responsible for several major lifts in the direct mail program.

David Lloyd
Marketing Manager, New Business
Smithsonian Media

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“The team at Sage is thoughtful about how to best deliver our messages to the target audience, creative about designing packages for maximum impact and driven to produce results that grow our program and elevated the conversation with our supporters.”

Andrew Wiley
Senior Consumer Marketing Director
World Wildlife Fund

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“Working with Sage means receiving personal attention from deeply experienced marketers. Sage takes the time to get to know your business, your customers and how the two connect. That’s their starting point for fresh ideas and breakthrough creative.

Patrick Hainault
Group Vice President, Marketing
Mansueto Ventures

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“It has been a true pleasure to work with Sage. You are so very organized & detailed at all touchpoints, super responsive to all needs, and always collaborative in the process. We did amazing work together, and I could not have asked for better partners to help launch my first DM campaign.”

Tild Maliqati, Manager Customer Marketing
Global Commercial Services
American Express

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“I’ve been fortunate to work with Sage throughout my career. Not only has their experience been valuable to me personally, the organizations I worked for gained deeper audience engagement, new opportunities and positive results.”

Miriam Johnson
Associate Director, Fundraising
Consumer Reports

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“We have been working all last year trying to beat our control, but it just did not happen, and the fact that this is our first test this year and it beat our control says a lot about the great work and thought you all put in your work.”

Noor Khan
Senior Analyst, Business Financing
American Express